Past Meetings

Past Summer Speakers and Topics


“Angiodema: A Pathoophysiologic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment” and “Management of Hereditary Angiodema; New Paradigms for a New Era” presented by Bruce Zuraw, M.D.

“Clinical Cases in Hereditary Angiodema: New Therapies for Improving Outcomes” presented by Michael Frank, M.D.

“Update on Biotherapeutics in the Treatment Of Allergic Disease and Asthma” presented by Lanny Rosenwasser, M.D.

“That Breath of Fresh Air: Is it Really Fresh?” and “’Update on the College’ and Practice Management Tips for Better Patient Care” presented by Stan Fineman, M.D., President, ACAAI


“An Update on Management of Severe Persistent Asthma and Evolution of Asthma Phenotypes” presented by Stephen Peters, M.D.

“Diagnosis and Management of Common Variable Deficiency: An Update” and “Diagnosis and Management of Hereditary Angiodema” presented by John Sleasman, M.D.

“Practical Aspects of Anaphlaxis Practice Parameters (2010) An Update” and  “IgE-mediated Food Anaphylaxis and the Role of Allergists in Identifying and Lowering the Future Risk” presented by Allan Stillerman, M.D.

“Rhinitis Diagnoses and Treatment JTF of PP vs. ARIA 2010” and “ACAAI Update” presented by Dana Wallace, M.D., President, ACAAI


“New Insights into Fungal Sensitivity in the Upper and Lower Airway” and “Interesting Cases from a University Allergy Clinic?” presented by Raymond Slavin, M.D.

“Diagnosis and Management of Antibody Immunodeficiencies” presented by Alan Knutsen, M.D.

“EHR 101” presented by Adele Allison

“Controversies in Food Allergy” and “ACAAI Update” presented by Sami Bahna, M.D., President, ACAAI


“Food Allergy for the Practicing Allergist” and “Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders?” presented by Amal Assa’ad, M.D.

“Angiodema: Hereditary and Acquired” and “Pathogenesis and Treatment of Chronic Urticaria” presented by Allen Kaplan, M.D.

“Pay for Performance”and “From Sneeze to Wheeze” presented by Michael Blaiss, M.D.

“Improving Quality of Life in Patients with Severe Persistent Asthma” and “ACAAI Update” presented by Richard Gower, M.D., President, ACAAI

Past Winter Meeting Speakers


“Technology for the Modern Medical Practice” presented by Mike Jones, CEO, ClinicAnywhere


“Helping Patients and Referring Providers Manage Beta Lactam Antibiotic Allergies” presented by Louis M. Mendelson, M.D.


“Monoclonal Antibody Therapies for Severe Asthma” presented by Lawrence DuBuske, M.D.


“EHR 101” and “JCAAI New News” presented by Adele Allison, the Director of Market Development and Government Affairs for EHS, Inc. and James L. Sublett, M.D., Chief & Clinical Professor of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.